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Calligraphy Course

Calligraphy Course

Calligraphy & Decorative Writing

We will teach 12 styles of Calligraphy & Decorative Writing in total.

Course Offered

Duration – 6 Months

Age – From 10 years and Above

Class Time Duration – 1 Hour

Class – Total 24 Classes (Group Class) Online Live Class.

We will teach 12 style of Calligraphy & Decorative Writing in total.


Registration Fees 100

Admission Fees 300

Course Fees 3200

TOTAL 3600

The Procedure of going through the Course

At the time of Admission, a student is required to deposit the Registration Fee, Admission Fee, and first month fees of the Course Fee i.e. 1100 (100 + 300 + 700).

The Student has to pay the Monthly Fees 500 in Advance Every Month.

The Fees once deposited will not be Refunded under any circumstances.

Rules & Regulation of the Course

A Citizen of India of any age group can enroll his or her name with the Institution for undergoing desired courses offered by the Institution.

A Student is Required to submit Documents in support of his/her Age, Identity and Address.

A Student is Required to submit on line the Application Form available on the Website of the Institution after filling it up properly.

On the basis of Application, if an Applicant fulfils the Requirement for the Enrollment, he will be informed accordingly and then he/she will have to Deposit the required Fees for Registration and Course.

On receipt of Required Fees for Registration and Course, enrollment will be done and Registration Certificate will be issued in favor of the enrolled Student.

Students must have Desktop computer / Laptop/ Smartphone / Tab etc for the course.

After the completion of the Course the Student has to give an Online Examination, after which he/she will be given Certificate of completion of the Course.

Student will not be allowed to give the Final Exam if they leave the Course without Completing it.

The Result that will be provided by the Institution is Final with no privilege of Rechecking.

Registration Details

+91 90735 03339
+91 82409 17901
+91 98993 81824


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